Events, Results and Outcome of the project "LIDS - Learning important digital skills"

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1. LIDS Manual and Curriculum as a digital book in WORD- and PDF-Format containing comparative studies in
Europe on methods of approach and on necessary content of learning digital skills in the use of ICT
for disadvantaged adults. LIDS will show in this manual a possible Curriculum for these necessary

2. LIDS Training Course Lessons in PowerPoint-Format for organizations staff on how to relate and approach
disadvantaged adults and help them to use digital tools applied to the way of work. Each partner
develops specific topics on the digital skills that should be learned.

3. LIDS Training Events aimed at adult educators and/or disadvantaged adults. Each partner
performs this exercise in their own organization and documents the process through reports, photos,
films, and surveys.

LIDS Reports of all Training Events

4. LIDS Transnational Project Meetings: The TPMs are significant parts of the project. That's why
each country is visited to get to know the peculiarities better. During the meetings at least, the
following goals will be pursued:
   a. Learn about the partner and the organization
   b. Getting to know the education system for adults and disadvantaged adults.
   c. To answer the question, which digital skills must be at least learned so that the adult can cope in
       his environment. Question: What is the necessary content of learning digital skills?
   d. To answer the question, which methodical and didactic peculiarities exist in the visited country?

 Please see the page "Meetings and Events

5. LIDS Web Platform containing all the material produced during the project and the documentation
of the lessons conducted during the training events for adult educator and/or the disadvantaged
adult. All material is presented under OER (Open Educational Resource).